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Corvette Engines from C6 and Beyond

OK, so this page is called "C6 and Beyond", but it includes engines which were used in Corvette from 2000 and later.  One of the things you will notice as you have been reviewing the earlier pages is that as time went on, Corvette gradually reduced the number of engine options available in any given year, from as many as seven different RPOs, to just one in the later years.  And with many of these later-year engines carrying over for more than one year, it just seemed right to create one page for these few engines.


The LS1 all-aluminum small block was the iteration of the engine Zora Duntov put in Corvette in 1955 as a 283.  It powered Corvette as the base engine thru 2003.  The is a very complete write-up on the LS1 on The Idaho Corvette Page.  

In 2001, Corvette reintroduced RPO ZO6, which was last used in 1963 (see the RPO L84 used in the original ZO6).  This time the ZO6 was powered by the new LS6 small block which produced 405 HP in 2003.  

The LS6.  As above.

This is the (current) ultimate Corvette engine -- the new ZO6 LS7.  It's an all-new 7.0 liter (427 CID) small block installed in the 2006 ZO6.  It produces 505 HP and 515 lb/ft of torque.


The LS9 used in, and as installed in, the new ZR1.


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