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Corvette Engines from the '70s

70 LS5.jpg (23458 bytes) 71 LS5.jpg (49655 bytes)

By 1970 the 327 had been replaced by the 350, and the 427 by the 454 CID big block.  Here's a 1970 RPO LS5 rated at 390 HP (left) and a 1971 LS5 rated at 365 HP (right).  The feds and their emissions rules were starting take their toll on Corvette engines.

71_LT1w-AIR.jpg (250530 bytes) 72 LT1.jpg (112532 bytes)

Although horsepower was no longer in its glory, the early '70s had a bright spot: the 350 CID LT1.  Here are two examples from 1971 (left) and 1972 (right)  The '72 engine pictured is incorrectly configured without the A.I.R. pump; these were commonly removed by original owners because it was believed that any alterations to the engine which were installed for emissions control were a detriment to power.  That the '71 has this installed is a big plus to originality.  Thanks to Robert Eisner for this photo.

72.454.jpg (97564 bytes)

The last LS5 in a 1972 Corvette.

73 LS4.jpg (37075 bytes) 

By 1973 only three engine options were available; two variations of the single four barrel 350 (RPOs L48 and L82) and one 454 (RPO LS4) shown above.  This was a detuned LS5 and was also offered in 1974.

78 L82.jpg (93272 bytes) 79 L82.jpg (74222 bytes)

Here are two pictures of the L82 350 from 1978 and 1979 Corvettes.


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