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Corvette Engines from the '80s

L83 Top.jpg (51321 bytes)

While many earlier engines were carried over for 1980 and 1981, 1982 saw the introduction of the L83 which was used as a production test-bed of the early L98 to be installed in the new body design in 1984.  One 1980 Corvette has the dubious honor of being the low-water-mark of Corvette V-8 engine evolution; the California-only LG4 305 CID rated at 180 HP.  Unfortunately, (or fortunately?) these cars are rare so I have yet to find a picture of an LG4 installed in a Corvette -- although there are pictures of the engine installed in other GM cars. (If you have a good picture of an original installation of an LG4, please email me at jac@jacnsue.com .)

L98(E).jpg (35719 bytes)

The early L98 (1984) used twin throttle body fuel injection units on a 350 CID engine to produce 205 HP.

85 L-98.jpg (47511 bytes)

In 1985 this engine was fitted the first tuned-port injection unit and horsepower was on its way back up -- this time to 230 HP.  The L98 would eventually produce 245 HP in its last incarnation in 1991.

B2K.jpg (73738 bytes)

The high water mark in the 1980's was probably the B2K 350 which was actually a modification of an L98 completed by Callaway.  


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