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The Corvette Engine Project

Here's a picture of the L-98 in our '90 to start with. Click the links below to go to the Engine Project folders by era. I recently had to reseal the intake on this engine.  Click here to see how it was done.


What is the Corvette Engine Project?  In the years that I've been hanging around with Corvettes and those who share an interest in them, I've found that there are (shock) many people who don't know diddly about our Corvettes.  Collectors and rebuilders have had resources for correctly identifying and restoring Corvette engines for many years.  These pages are not for collectors.  They're interested in things I can't show here:  part numbers, colors and textures.  These pages are here for those people who are (1) new to Corvettes and may have heard something about that "427 with three carbs back in the '60s" and would like to see what one looks like, (2) non-Corvette (or non-GM) car folks who just want general info on Corvette Engine evolution, or (3) my wife/daughter/their friends who want something to roll their eyes about ("did you see all those engine pictures on Jac's web site?  Who looks at this stuff?")

Where did the pictures come from?  I'm not afraid to ask for help, therefore some of the pictures are from my collection -- taken over the past several years at Bloomington Gold, ChevyVetteFest, NCRS meetings and the National Corvette Museum, while others are lifted off (I hope) non-copyrighted sources.  A few have been supplied by others in the Corvette family -- I have provided sources in these cases.  I am always looking for good general photos of factory-correct Corvette Engine installations.  If you have one or more you'd like to share and see included in this collection, please email me at jac@jacnsue.com.  (Do not attach pictures if you email me.  I will contact you with info on supplying photos.) 

Comments and Corrections? Many of the pictures here are a couple of years old.  Sometimes I didn't take good notes; sometimes I didn't take notes at all.  If I have made any glaring errors please let me know, again at jac@jacnsue.com.  (Believe it or not, I get 500 email addresses from GoDaddy along with this web site -- what in the world am I going to do with 500 email addresses?  I thought about something like TheCorvetteEngineProject@jacnsue.com or CorvetteEngineQuestions@jacnsue.com, but it's not like these are 500 aliases for one mailbox, these are 500 separate email addresses, so I decided that just using jac@jacnsue.com is enough.)


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