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Breakfast 2006

Breakfast 2007

DadFest 2011 is June 18 and 19


Our church runs a program which repairs cars for needy people.  We have about 1300 cars donated per year; the high-end stuff (and the junk) goes to auction and pays for the repairs.  We fix-up and give away about 150 cars per year.  You can view the CARS ministry portion of the Willow Creek Church website here


Looks like a typical Saturday morning

CARS videos

A quick view of the ministry

See anybody familiar?

The people we serve speak up

An in-depth look at what CARS does


Here are some pictures of me and the volunteer team I lead



Ryan and Mel (back to camera)

This is me

Mel and Ken

Me and John (not a volunteer)




Warren Young directs the CARS Ministry


The following pictures were taken during a breakfast we had for CARS volunteers on 22 April 2006.  One of our church board members owns a Ford dealership, so he brought by a 2006 Ford GT for us to check out.  Although I'm a Corvette guy, this is one Ford I'd definitely drive.

The paint job is a $13,000 option

The breakfast crew


All the great volunteers!

After breakfast, everybody had to check out the GT

Breakfast 2007

Didn't John wear the same hat last year?

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