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You Never Have To Explain RED


Corvettes left the factories in Michigan (1953 and 1954), St. Louis (1955 - 1982) and Bowling Green Kentucky (1982 - present) in every color of the rainbow.  I'll say upfront that I have never disliked any of those colors (although I've liked some more than others).

Inevitably, when people find out you own a Corvette, the first question they ask is, "What color is it?"

Here's how the conversation normally progresses:

Corvette Owner: "It's black."

Other Party: "Oh, but isn't that hard to keep clean?"

CO: "It's yellow."

OP: "Yellow?"

CO: "Yellow is the color of the C5R Corvette racing livery."

OP: "Uh huh.  Did you say 'livery', like in horses?"

When I have to explain our Elkhart Green '73: "It's from the days when Corvette was naming colors after the race tracks they'd raced on.  Elkhart refers to Road American in Elkhart Wisconsin."

OP: "Oh (?)."


But RED is different:

OP: "You have a Corvette?  What color is it?"

Me: "It's red."

OP: "Of course it is."




For several years I've been collecting fotos of Corvette engines originally installed at the factory.  They are published here not as a reference for the restorer, but rather as a primer for the beginner.  I know that I've missed a few of the more obscure one-time installations -- if you have a good jpeg, please let me know.  Click this link to go to The Corvette Engine Project.

Newly added:  had a little accident in November 2007.  Minor damage but a great repair.



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