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Photos from our January 2006 cruise to the Southern Caribbean

December 27, 2005 was Jac and Sue's 30th anniversary.  To celebrate

we took a 7-day cruise from San Juan stopping at St. Thomas, St. Kitts,

Grenada, Isla Margarita (Venezuela) and Aruba, then returning to San Juan.

Prior to departure, we spent a an extra day in San Juan and were able to visit 

the Old City.  In addition to celebrating our anniversary, Heidi and Brandon came along and celebrated

 a formal wedding on the ship.  Here are a few pictures from our trip which we hope you'll enjoy.

If you're really adventurous, watch the movie below.



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The Captain's Log of the Cruise

Princess Cruise lines links

Princess Cruise Lines

The Golden Princess

Here's a fun 20 minute movie of our vacation we took in 2006 to the Southern Caribbean. 

(20 minutes/139MB)



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