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Hey!  Glad you're here.  A little about me:  I'm the youngest of four, born in Evergreen Park, Illinois.  I'm also the father of four -- weird huh?  I drive a Corvette, and no it's not a Freudian thing.  My daily commute was 75 miles each way at one time, so I wanted a fun, comfortable car to drive.  I'm a consultant with a specialty in healthcare supply chain optimization and financial improvement.

I live with Sue in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, and I'm a die-hard Cubs fan.  And I hate winter!  It is my belief that winter was never supposed to be part of the story.  When God created Adam and Eve, he placed them in the Garden of Eden.  They ran around naked -- could they have done this in winter?  No, I don't think so.  I believe that winter was part of the Curse of Sin, and the four seasons are just a way to transition from good (summer) to bad (winter).  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

The church that Sue and I attend is Willow Creek Community Church and although it's often characterized as one of those EVIL MEGA CHURCHES, we have a very unique ministry which I am part of: our CARS ministry provides cars to needy people, and does benevolent car repairs to people who can't afford it.  I lead a team which meets on alternate Saturdays.  I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that our team is, in a small way, making the life of someone in need a little better -- being "the hands of Jesus" in a very practical way.

Email me at jac@jacnsue.com

Why is our domain name Jac N Sue.com?

In 1998 I co-authored an article for Nursing Spectrum Magazine with Shawn O'Connell who was then the Director of Critical Nursing at the University of Chicago Hospitals where I served as the hospital's contract administrator.  Here's a copy of the article article we wrote.


Looking for The Corvette Engine Project?

Here are some of my favorite web sites (besides this one, of course).

The National Corvette Restorer Society.

Bloomington Gold is the premier Corvette gathering in the Midwest.  Held on the Pheasant Run Golf Course in St. Charles Illinois each June.

Corvette Forum.  A great place to learn about and discuss everything about Corvettes.

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs -- 1907 and 1908  World Series Champions!


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