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Maggie graduated from Pre-school on 14 May 2010 ... pictures at the bottom of this page

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Maggie left me a voicemail on Skype!

Our first grandbaby

(click on a thumbnail for full size picture)

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Our first look at the new baby


Baby shower for Marina given by mom and Heidi

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Heidi Margaret (Maggie) Long

Born 13:51 10 July 2006 in Barrington IL (USA)

3610 grams -- 7lbs, 15 oz.; 20" in length



Baby is very healthy

Mom, dad and Maggie


New dad -- Doug

Baby and Grandma

Gramps with Maggie

Click thumbnails for larger pix below

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Isn't she turning into a cute baby?

Maggie and grampa

Maggie with Uncle Pat

Playing the piano

Hello, I luv you


Standing on her own!

And getting into things on her own!

Who is that other baby?

Here's a short video of one of Maggie's favorite toys

Maggie Walks!

A 2007 Halloween Care Bear




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