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This Christmas Village was built by Jac Higgins, first between 1987 and 1989 while the family lived in The Netherlands and Germany, then rebuilt in 2012 as it is today.  This village represents a typical small German village, although the train is Dutch – it is the National Dutch Railroad engine and cars, so the train station is located in Schinnen, The Netherlands (according to its signage). 

From left to right, beginning in the rear, the buildings are the Town Hall (Gemeindehaus) similar to the one in Hochstatten (where the Higgins’ family lived in Germany), a typical Bavarian home, a Dutch windmill, the train station, (moving to the front) the local restaurant and pub (the name, “Weinkasteil”or “Wine Castle” indicates it offers German wine), another single-family home, the local inn and the church, which is similar to the church in Hochstatten (built in 1060).  In the town square there is a lone vendor offering fresh fish and vegetables to a solitary shopper.  Of note is the truck on the road in the center; the Hema was the largest supermarket in The Netherlands (similar to Wal-Mart).  This particular truck is carrying baked goods.  

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