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International Guests

Through the international arm of our church Willow Creek Community Church we host international guests several times each year.  If the Willow Creek Association has told you that we will be hosting you for an upcoming conference in Chicago, click here for more information.


Here are a few of the folks we hosted:

Who When Where are they from?


Tinu Leontiuc & Tavi Verlan Several times during the 1990s Timisoara, Romania
We first met Tinu and Tavi in the summer of 1991 when we stayed in their homes while we worked at a summer youth camp they sponsored through what was then known as the Eastern European Bible Mission.  After the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, EEBM changed its name to New Hope International, where Tinu serves as the Director of New Hope Romania, and Tavi translates and publishes Western books into Romanian.  During the mid-1990s, Tavi and Tinu stayed in our home in the United States on separate occasions.


Arjan Treuen, Gerritt Veening, Patrick van de Laar February 2001 Apledoorn, The Netherlands
arjan.jpg (53079 bytes) gerrit.jpg (50993 bytes) patrick_nl.jpg (77651 bytes) Arjan, Gerritt and Patrick work with Campus Crusade for Christ in The Netherlands where Arjan is the national director.


Annette Winston and Cathy Straub May 2001 Brussels, Belgium (Annette) & Chantilly, France (Cathy)
kathy_annette.jpg (104410 bytes)  
Brian Colvin October 2001 Belfast, Northern Ireland
bcolvin.jpg (92446 bytes)  


Johan & Jan December 2001  
twee_johans.jpg (111436 bytes) salute.jpg (73302 bytes) Because they were with us so near the New Year, we had a toast, and a New Year Cigar!


Oddvar Sovik October 2002 Norway
odvar.jpg (87510 bytes)  


Arnstein Rodset October 2002 Langevag, Norway
arnstein.jpg (103708 bytes)  


Theunis Fourie & Henri van Eetveld Meyer 11 - 17 April 2002 South Africa
theunis_henri.jpg (158375 bytes) in_corvette.jpg (124000 bytes) Proof that the guys drove the Vette.


Jack Brown & Ian Williamson June 2002 Waterfront Church, UK
jack_ian.jpg (117187 bytes)  


Theo Heerman, Roy Mann, and Mark van Straaten August 2002 Durnban, South Africa
theo_heerman.jpg (59031 bytes) roy_mann.jpg (37380 bytes) mark_vans.jpg (95997 bytes) All three men are leaders at Grace Family Church in Durban.


Helge & Annelise Hollerude February 2004 Kristiansand, Norway
helge.jpg (74849 bytes) annelise.jpg (76817 bytes)  


Miles Quick 5 - 13 June 2004

13 - 16 August 2006

Norwich, UK
m_quick.jpg (209516 bytes) 2004

100_5576.jpg (1162913 bytes)


Miles liked driving the Corvette!  When Miles returned in 2006 he finally got to see the new Willow Creek auditorium completed.


Gregg Wilson 26 - 30 October 2004 Naasau, Bahamas
g_wilson.jpg (124820 bytes)

Gregg Operates Life Community Village in the Bahamas.


Stephen Joubert December 2004 Moreleta Park, South Africa
S_Joubert.jpg (84237 bytes) Stephen operates the eKerk, a web based church for South Africa.


John Hoogenhout 28 Nov - 2 Dec 2005 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
j_hoogenhout.jpg (115098 bytes)

John is the senior pastor at Bray Park Community Church in Brisbane.


 Olav Ulstein & Henrik Rodset 17 - 24 February 2006 Langevag, Norway
100_1039.jpg (990406 bytes) Henrik's dad, Arnstein, stayed with us in October 2002.  Henrik and his friend Olav, came just to visit Chicago.


 Denise Bonar 5 - 13 August 2006 and 2007! Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
100_5587.jpg (1144313 bytes) Denise was a great guest who shares Jac's satirical brand of humor.  While staying with us, Denise learned how to assemble a true Chicago Hot Dog, and what does and what does not go on an American hamburger.


John Teakema August & December 2006 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
John_T.jpg (1013508 bytes) John heads up Willow Austria, and while he's never actually stayed with us, he comes by every times he's in the States so he can drive the Vette!


Julian Dunham 26 November - 2 December 2006 Lilydale, Victoria, Australia
julian.jpg (1224485 bytes) Julian is the Senior Pastor of Lilydale Baptist Church and he shares our passion for "being Jesus with skin on" to the people around him.


Catherine 12 - 19 March 2007 Fareham, England
catherine.jpg (852765 bytes) Catherine runs the children's ministry at Locks Heath Free Church in the UK.  She spent one whole day at Woodfield and left with no room in her suitcase.  At the Shedd Aquarium she got to feed the dolphins during the public show!


Miguel Muņoz 24 - 28 April 2007 San Pedro Sula, Honduras
miguel.jpg (420621 bytes) Miguel is a university professor in Honduras and was visiting in preparation for the Willow Creek Leadership Summit in August (Honduras will be a satellite location).  He runs three web sites from Honduras:  www.todaslasnaciones.org , www.lapalabra.ws (his blog), and www.equipandolideres.com


John v.d. Berg 24 - 30 November 2007 Meerkerk, The Netherlands
John represents the Willow Creek Association in the NL and is a church leader at De Meerkerk in Hoofddorp.  And like most Dutchmen, he speaks perfect English.


Gui Franco 9 - 12 June 2009 Jaboatao, Brazil
  Gui attended the Willow Creek Arts Conference.  He's the youth pastor and worship leader in his church in Brazil, and he heads up "Plano B".  He gave us a very tempting invitation to visit Brazil some day.



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